Lincoln Maritime Limited



Lincoln Maritime offers a complete range of services for Agents, Ship-owners, Charterers and Traders, around the world. With the help of the latest technology and systems, our experienced people provide the most comprehensive services possible.


Lincoln Maritime acting in its capacity as a Port Agent provides important and relevant information on and local support at every port of call. From making sure that essential supplies are provided, to arranging transfer of crews and documentation for customs clearances, we will take care of a range of tasks that will make the turnaround of your vessel, both smooth and trouble-free. You will have access to up-to-date information, to keep you informed of the status of the vessel at all times.Email us for information at: [email protected]


Lincoln Maritime will provide all the help needed to complete all customs formalities, ensuring that the process is smooth and as trouble-free as possible. Our experience with handling the intricacies of the relevant customs documentation in conjunction with HMRC regulations using technology to our advantage will make the process a painless one. We are experienced in handling customs clearances for all kinds of cargo, including Oil, Gas (LPG/LNG) and Chemical cargo. We will assist you with the following:

  • Direct Trader Input into both DESTIN 8 and CNS port clearance systems
  • Expertise in both Bulk and Containerised traffic
  • Own Deferment Approval Account
  • Experience in IPR, End Use, Warehousing etc.…
  • Import/Export clearance for cargo shipped into/out from any UK ports
  • VAT declarations

Email us for details: [email protected]


We at Lincoln Maritime, are personally committed to assist you and provide you with seamless movement of freight from anywhere in the world, to any place you want, ensuring reliable 24X7 communication with a single point of contact from beginning to end, with a comprehensive range of freight forwarding services throughout South East Asia and beyond.

We understand our client’s needs: every customer’s needs are different, so we do our best to match our services to your requirements with planning, attention to the finer details and high service standards to make sure our worldwide freight forwarding and logistics services are the best in the market.